I am Jeevith Hegde. I believe in being positive in everything I do. I see many of my friends and people I meet, confused of what they want in life and it sometime seems funny that people keep looking for things in their life not knowing what they want is in their reach. All they need to do is live as they own it. Well, for guys who have a wife, I am sorry your in a catch 22 situation!

I can quote my character as “Jack of many, ass at none” !

My posts are all mostly on my experience of life and how I learn lessons from them. I enjoy playing around words and making sarcastic quotes on life and its irony, this is how I can laugh at myself and try and build on my character. Nothing in this world is too easy nor is it too tough. All I care is to learn to fall and get up stronger in life.

“Wise men tell stories, Smarter ones live them”!

“Which one are you?” is the question one needs to ask themselves.


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  1. Deepak says:

    I’m Deepak from Surathkal… I think i’ll be coming to NTNU during may-june-july as an intern… I was wondering if you could tell me how the food is, whether the rooms in the student villages have their own kitchen, clothing required, money required etc etc..
    I’ll be grateful to you.. Thanks in advance…

    • Udupiboy says:

      Congratulations Deepak,
      Regarding your queries, food:it depends on how well you can cook for yourself. There is no single international student who can afford even a single meal outside for a 3 month period. Eating outside is not Norwegian tradition. Student villages are well equipped for the normal needs of students. You will be here in the summer so I dont think you will have to have any cold weather clothes. Temperature in summer is around 10-25 C. Money again depends on your lifestyle, but just to give you an idea. I spend no less than 4500 NOK per month, which is the bare minimum here in Trondheim.
      Good luck,
      – Jeevith

  2. Deepak says:

    Thanks for the info Jeevith!
    I hope we can meet sometime in summer.

  3. Deepak says:

    Hi again!

    Hope you remember me, I got visa to come to Norway, will be applying for one of the single rooms at the student village soon. I was reading somewhere that they don’t give any mattresses or bedding, amongst other things. Can you tell me something about it?

    Also, about the food thing, I am a veggie guy, and I can cook, so what are my chances of survival there?

  4. Udupiboy says:

    Student housing-SIT, will provide a comfortable mattress but they will not provide blankets and pillows you have to either buy them or find someone who has left theirs back in Moholt. You can buy them for a good price in Ikea.
    I am a vegetarian too, I have not found any problem with it. We still have lot of food choices. I don’t think that is any issue its not at all a issue if you know to cook. These are the places you would want to know atleast in the first week. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=211515796281985428068.0004a7b6dcbcdc3593fe2&msa=0

  5. Deepak says:


  6. Deepak says:


    I will be arriving in Trondheim this Saturday. Looking at the weather forecasts I believe its still pretty cold out there. So, I was wondering if it is possible for me to get a Blanket in the market the same day? If not, can you suggest anything else (I don’t want to shiver to death on my first night in Norway)!

    And did you say that 5000 NOK per month for expenses apart from housing or did it include housing as well? My housing alone costs around 3000 kroners!

  7. Aditya says:


    I am coming to Trondheim from august-may for an internship (if I get my VISA on time), I had so many doubts and questions regarding the place and all but after reading your blogs almost every doubt is cleared now.My accommodation is arranged in Moholt student village by IAESTE Norway but they have not mentioned anything about the rent and all, so can you please tell me how much money do I need to survive in Trondheim .

  8. Aditya says:


    Thanks a lot for the reply,the information is really helpful.Arriving in Trondheim on
    13th august and very eager for my internship.

  9. Anna says:

    Hi, I’d like to contact you via e-mail but I cannot find your e-mail on this site 🙂 I have kind of private question. Thanks!

  10. Manuel says:

    Thank you for all the information you have provided here. In your opinion, what is more valuable in Norway at the moment: an engineering degree such as the one that can be obtained from NTNU, or a business degree, akin to those from NHH in Bergen? Thanks in advance for the input, and thanks again for all the valuable information you have here.

    • Udupiboy says:

      Hi Manuel,

      I would consider an engineering degree as better choice than a business degree from Norway. For example: Businees and management careers in Norway would require a good hold over Norwegian language and this might decrease future oppurtunities in Norway. That is not the same with engineering companies. NHH is well known within Norway, but I am unsure about their credentials around the Nordic region, while NTNU is well known in the Nordic region.

      My appologies for the late reply. Cheers.

  11. Nirvisha says:

    Please give me info about Aalesund Partner in India. Checked on the site still couldn’t find it. Please help!

    • Aalesund University has merged with NTNU, and the admission process will follow the NTNU admission process from next year, so the consultancy in India who provide services to Aalesund university will be redundant. It will all be a centralized online application process from the 2016 intake.

      Good Luck

  12. Anthony says:

    Hey man!

    Your journey is so inspirational. I’m think of doing a course in NTNU. But with the down turn in the oil price, How’s the Norwegian oil industry coping with all the drop in oil price? What are the current employment rates for recent graduates from NTNU?

    Thank you

    • Hi Anthony,

      Currently, the industry is not in best of the shape. Probably in 2 years things can bounce back. There is definitely one or two more generations before the oil and gas exploration to cease to be the main industry in Norway.

      If you are looking to learn something new, employment should not bother you. That’s my thought 🙂

      Goodluck with your application.

  13. Debanjan says:

    Hello Jeevith,

    I am Debanjan Ghosh, from India. I am actually very keen on joining NTNU as a PHD candidate.Actually I have few queries regarding the admission procedure. I would be really grateful if could kindly respond and guide me.

    I wanted to know whether NTNU has any fixed dates and deadlines regarding PHD admission or the admission is purely based on the current vacancies. Also, if you could kindly tell whether the professors accept any unsolicited application even if there is no vacancy.

    I thank you in advance and am hoping for your valuable response.

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