The Hustle & Bustle of January 2011!

The year has started great, I finally managed to kick myself out of Facebook. Little did I realize how much time I wasted facebooking!  Well, as I would say, “Waiting is just being late but not ones fate”! I have been waiting to deactivate it for a long time now, it’s a done deal. There were many fabulous days in this first month and I am already visualizing many more great things coming my way. To start of, I have been amazingly punctual this month, I finally turned the tables around and haven’t been late to any meetings! The experts in team is a great course in the curriculum since it lets students meet other students from different study backgrounds and from different cultures. Also got a cute crush! Silence is what I adorn if you ask me more about it! 😛

The  Gløshaugen engineer is now busy traveling to Dragvoll (Arts & natural sciences campus) 3 days a week! Never thought that would happen. The Norsk classes are an add-on to the feeling of being productive. 6 hours of it every week is sure going to be advantageous. Juggling 45 credits now seems to be a doable task.

There were two very proud moments this month. Firstly, to see my dad retire after 34 years of dedicated service. The routine he had with work at the same office for 34 years is simply unreal to imagine for a eccentric like me. The second most proud moment would be to study with a pool of Post Grads in a PHD level course for Risk Modeling in NTNU is just bumming me out of words. How lucky can a guy get? Well, if I seem to be bragging about it, your right I am! “If you have it, flaunt it” is what I would answer back with!

That said, the atmosphere here in Trondheim is getting hotter by the day as students are preparing themselves for the summer to hit in 3 months. For what you ask? Your right, its for the summer jobs. As per my know-how, Norwegians are hard-workers in summers and in-order to compete with them for summer jobs I need to make ready an impermeable armor as well as a stealth weapon! A CV and a Reference letter is what I meant. The days ahead are challenging and need to be more productive with all my courses. Guess the Norsk classes will be a trump card against other international students. Afterall certification helps! The molar toothache is sure taking me through hell at times but whats life without pain?

Getting to hear some very happy news from some of my friends here who are making a mark for themselves and its very nice to see them slowly work towards their long awaited dreams. I wish all my friends good luck with the job hunts. Every man in this world will have these three sooner or later 1) Work 2) More Work 3) Much More Work ! So, till you make it to anyone of those take a moment to savor on the present.

This semester is still young so “lets light up when the sky is dark” ! Yeah, Yeah this is Norway where the sun has no business to shine during winter! As a lover of Dark I am loving it 😉 Let the dark prevail upon us for a long time!

Ha det bra!

“Honey ones extracted remains sweet for a lifetime, so does ones smile” 

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5 Responses to The Hustle & Bustle of January 2011!

  1. srikanth says:

    Ohh.. there i was wondering why you had gone missing from facebook.. (my facebook bot has 1 lesser frnd now 😛 )

    the thing about everyone having work… more work sooner or later is so true.. and i’ve preaching it for a while (ever since i got my first job)

    just happened to come across your blog (through ola’s blog) will go through older articles as and when i find time (read as and when i push myself to ‘read’)

    oh! and all the best for your summer job hunt 🙂

  2. Thank you Sri.
    Yes we all get desperate for jobs little do we realize the long life we have waiting us with loads of busy time. Everything has a due date 🙂
    Just trying to write some stuff, but soon some creative articles will be posted 😉

  3. Vijay says:

    Dude not another discussion about jobs. I am fed up about the topic.Nice to know that you are enjoying the whole experience. Keep enjoying it and 2 years will be gone in a flash. All the best for your job hunt 😛

  4. All ok.. why did you end the post with a “bra” . You pervert. 😀 .

    As for the job, things ll happen. Enjoy the moment, do what you love. Do what you love, take on the world with just your love and passion for things, rest ll fall in place. So peace, enjoy maadi.

  5. Suppu yeah BRA in Norsk means Good he he. Ha det Bra is Have it good. Anyway, the positivity is on its high now. Waiting for results to application fingers crossed X 🙂

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