Freelancer: “Your requirement is my work”

I guess every student in the world craves for two most complicated things, 1) To get a better grade 2) To make some extra pocket money! Go ahead and have a laugh & remember your good old desperate study days! Luckily for my generation there are lot of avenues to realize the latter but the former is still a tough nut to crack!

Living in Norway is an expensive business and finding a part time job at Trondheim is another shot in the dark! I was wise enough to explore the online job requirement around the world. And being an Indian one surely knew that outsourcing is a lucrative business. I had no greed to make money, all I wanted was to help my parents by earning some money and helping my study at NTNU. So, I assessed myself and knew what I wanted to work on. I wanted to be a freelancer with services in article writing, photoshop, 3D animation & guitar e-books. Thanks to google, I got some hits on online job market not to mention the random type-2 error hit me time & again! But finally, I came across a genuine platform for freelancers called “”.

As usual every person is skeptical of his/her first approach towards doing something new. I shall quote “Lesser the degree of control, more is the fear of failure”. I had my fear of things like online theft, non issue of payment. So, I kept searching for possible loopholes in the website. I found out it to have a very good feedback in various blogs. Later that day I opened my own freelancer account. The jobs are posted every minute but the requirement of client range from website designing to baby-sitting ! I found my niche in article writing and I was targeting on those jobs alone.

The website has a system called bids. A freelancer can bid on 30 jobs in a month to find a job. If one wins the bid then he gets to work for the client and procedures of submission and payment follows. The client will ask you to write articles about various field. I remember my first job, I was asked to spill out a sample article on “Cheap Cruises out of New York”. The client liked my work and she asked me to write 2 more articles that day. The articles were roughly about 600 words each. I was again lucky enough to score a good client who payed me the due payment the very next day. GBP 3 is what I earned for the job and that was one of the happiest moment of my life “My firs online cheque”. Oh that’s too little you think? Thanks to the research I did to write those articles. I now know how to get a cheap deal for a New York Cruise! Interesting eh?

Call it crazy, the freelancer bug had bite me deep! All this was 3 days before my semester exam! I guess I was crazy enough to do all this at that time. I had no other go but to stop work for 2 weeks of exam time. After my exams I searched for another job but I think the basic instinct of a human greed for more money was starting to grow. I started to think 600 words article deserved more that GBP 1.5. All I could do is to start a new job which would push me back into work mode and remove this greed inside me.

I found job posted by guitar teacher who wanted to distribute an e-book for his student to learn some new guitar songs. This was exactly the fresh project I wanted to work on. The sample work was liked by him and he allotted the work to me. I worked hard on the e-book and submitted it within the deadline. This job helped me learn 5 new guitar songs isn’t it cool? to work on something which you love doing and then get paid for it?

I think every student who likes writing articles should give this approach a try.  It sure improves a student general knowledge while providing him some extra cash. The purpose of work is to make one feel good about himself. Forget the societal perspective for a while, be proud of whatever work you are doing in life. Remember that not all can do what you can do.

“Feel special about yourself, and everything will fall in place”- Jeevith Hegde

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7 Responses to Freelancer: “Your requirement is my work”

  1. ulag says:

    I think there’s one more such site called These are the 2 sites we scourged for work when we guys started our company. 🙂

  2. ulag says:

    Im adding you to my blogroll. This is my blog.

  3. ruby gaylong says:

    Jeevith thanks for such amazing blogs.. Your blogs are simply amazing and full of positivity!!!
    I too recently got admit from NTNU for MS in Telematics. I was a bit skeptical before and luckily stumbled here while google(ing) on NTNU.
    I am sure about my decision now.

    God Bless you!!

    • Udupiboy says:

      Great! Congratulations to you on the admit.
      Telematics is a very popular course in NTNU. Trondheim is a great city for students to live and study. I am sure you will enjoy your time there.
      I am always delighted to hear that my posts are helping people.

      Good luck Ruby!

      • Osama says:

        Hello Jevith , I managed to get a preliminary admission into NTNU MSc in petroleum engineering , I was wondering if it is a good move to go to noway, can I get a job there ( I would really some experience ).
        Thank you 🙂

      • Udupiboy says:

        As you may know, Petroleum engineering is bread and butter for Norwegian economy. Hence, if you do well in your studies, I do not see any reason to worry about jobs.

        Petroleum engineering masters are very competitive and if you made it to the course, then you must be talented so, again as I tell most people, just believe you will do well, do not let job and career limit your desire to study.

        Good luck to you 🙂

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